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Safe’N’Clear, Inc. markets the world’s first FDA approved surgical facemask with clear window.

The Communicator mask, like many innovative developments in communication, was the result of a need. When Dr. McIntosh and her husband started their family, their typical childbirth experience took a turn. The attending OB/GYN recommended an emergency C-section. As they moved from a  labor and delivery room to the OR; in that moment, Dr. McIntosh was no longer on top of all the communication. The doctor, nurse, anesthesiologist, and her husband were in surgical garb from head to toe, including a conventional mask; she could no longer lipread. With hearing loss in both ears, this experience was life-altering and as a result, never far from her thoughts. Her academic training assured her that this problem had a solution. Dr. Anne McIntosh

Dr. McIntosh approached Prestige-Ameritech; they liked the idea of a mask that allowed lipreading and formalized a partnership. The Communicator is an ASTM Level 1 clear surgical facemask that provides enhanced communication by allowing the user’s face be more visible. The space between the clear window and the user’s mouth allows speech to not muffle. Medical errors can be reduced which improves patient outcomes and reduces risk liability. Being able to see a reassuring smile on medical providers’ faces reduces fear and stress in pediatric patients.

Incorporated in 2012, Safe’N’Clear started the R&D phase and build a team. With infrastructure, Safe’N’Clear was ready to commercialize once FDA approval was finalized in 2017. The company has increased production several times;  the demand kept outpacing production as COVID-19 continued around the world. Safe’N’Clear is a leader in masks with clear window for its FDA registration; now, with k12 schools, colleges, and universities needing to have safe classrooms, The Communicator is being recognized as the ADA effective masks which assists educational institutions in meeting IEPs, 504s, and other school accommodations. The Communicator mask is a win-win for those who want clear communicate while wearing mask protection.

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