Changing the face of communication.
Health safety and ADA compliance is everyone's responsibility.

Young medical service provider preparing elderly patient for examination

The Communicator™ provides clear communication in areas where face masks are required.

The Communicator™ is 100% sourced and made in the USA, and ADA-effective to allow visual communication and inclusivity for deaf, hard of hearing, and other visual communicators. The anti-fog clear window allows the ability to read lips and see facial expressions in areas where masks are required.

GSA Schedule Contract 47QSWA23D001

The Communicator™ Clear Medical Face Mask

The Communicator™ mask is affective for meeting the needs of Americans with Disabilities (ADA) whenever face mask protection is needed. The ability to see another person’s mouth and facial expressions bring about a sense of familiarity removing added stress that deaf and hard of hearing individuals have in public settings where face masks are required. 

Surgical grade mask for more protection

Preferred by deaf healthcare workers

Comfortable to wear single-use

First FDA-approved clear mask

Patented anti-fog clear panel for visibility

Clear window is ADA effective

The Communicator Level 3 Transparent Background

The Communicator Clear Window Face Mask 
ASTM F2100 Level 1 and Level 3 protection.

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