Changing the face of business.
Clear communication. Advanced protection.

Changing the face of business

Your clientele will love your staff’s friendly smile.

Mask protection is a new social standard of hygiene and cleanliness for businesses. Retail stores and services strive to provide a clean and safe environment for their customers.  Employees who may have person-to-person contact with customers can safely perform their job duties with The Communicator.

Prior to COVID-19, businesses did not utilize PPE. With the onset of coronavirus, businesses and services want to ensure safety while maintaining in-store operations.

Ensuring clear communication with customers is effective in any business environment.

The Communicator™ removes social barriers when mask protection is warranted. Conventional masks create social barriers that diminish the clientele interaction. 

Companies and corporations want to protect their employees just as much as they want to provide protection for their clients and customers.

The Communicator™ mask removes social barriers and minimizes intrusion when mask protection is warranted. Many people feel that conventional masks create social barriers that impede the communication process and diminish the interaction. 

Surgical grade mask for more protection

First FDA-approved clear mask

Preferred by deaf healthcare workers

Comfortable to wear single-use

Fog resistant clear panel for visibility

Clear window is ADA effective

What people are saying about The Communicator™ mask.

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