Changing the face of education.
Clear communication. Advanced protection.

Changing the face of education

Partnering with schools and students to make learning easier and more inclusive.

The Communicator™ allows face-to-face communication that involves looking and listening to focus when others talk. Today, with advances made with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Vocation Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, more students with special needs are gaining accessibility, inclusion, and equity in learning environments. As an ADA-effective mask, The Communicator™ enables students to have fuller access to the learning environments.

Prior to COVID-19, preschool, k12 schools, colleges, universities did not utilize PPE in the classroom.  With the onset of coronavirus, school administrators want to ensure faculty, staff, and students are safe and can focus their attention on education and the learning process with effective face masks. Research from the CDC shows that droplets from viral pathogens can be contained with mask use to slow the spread of viruses.

Ensuring that communication between students and educators is effective in any classroom environment.

The Communicator™ masks are used by public schools, specialized schools, deaf schools, medical and dental schools to meet ADA, IEP, 504, and other legislative accommodations. With more than 93 percent of the meaning of communication derived from non-verbal cues, it is essential to provide all students with the opportunity to communicate clearly.

Surgical grade mask for more protection

First FDA-approved clear mask

Preferred by deaf healthcare workers

Comfortable to wear single-use

Fog resistant clear panel for visibility

Clear window is ADA effective

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