Randi Howell

Randi Howell, Vice President of Administration

Randi Howell

Vice President of Administration

Randi Howell, a North Carolina native, serves as Vice President of Administration. Howell is passionate about changing lives and believes The Communicator™ can change the face of healthcare. Early in her career, Howell managed large teams of professionals and technology-focused projects, including a technology training team. She brings that experience to her current role.

Randi’s key responsibilities at Safe’N’Clear include:

As Vice President of Administration, Howell works behind the scenes She ensures systems and processes run smoothly. Like many startup companies, Howell wore many hats during Safe’N’Clear’s early days to support product growth and company infrastructure. Howell supported the company in a variety of capacities, including technology liaison, international and domestic sales, marketing efforts, employee recruiting and retention, and online publishing. Recently, Howell’s experience with Microsoft products, including SharePoint, help the company with vital security improvements and organization. Additionally, Howell supports the President and CEO with ongoing projects and business development.

Educational Background:

With varied interests, Howell continues to be a lifelong learner, gaining certifications to support and enhance her work at Safe’N’Clear, Inc. Howell holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Wofford College, a bachelor’s, and a master’s in history from UNC-Charlotte, a Data Analytics and Visualization Certificate from UNC-Charlotte, and a Graduate Certificate in Mathematics from NC State. Currently, Howell is working towards her PMP Certification. With her PMP, Howell hopes to further enhance Safe’N’Clear, Inc. systems and apply improved processes for cross-functional teams and business growth.

When not working with Safe’N’Clear, Inc. Howell consults with transitioning professionals, is a speaker/presenter, and teaches college-level math. Her role with the company’s early digital publishing efforts, opened new opportunities for Howell, with online publishing and coaching. Her workshops help people find their next steps professionally. She guides them to transition from tech-terrified to tech-savvy, specifically in the academic and healthcare arenas.

Howell lives in the Charlotte metro area. She is an avid reader with a love for coffee. Howell also enjoys puzzles and a good game night! Besides, her work and hobbies, Howell enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, as well as traveling.