Deaf Leaders Series

Meet Our Everyday Heroes

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there’s an estimated 466 million people worldwide with hearing loss. So, it should not come as a surprise that some of our most talented historical figures, celebrities, and social influencers are deaf or hard of hearing. In our Deaf Leaders Series, Safe’N’Clear recognizes everyday heroes in the deaf and hard of hearing community that have accomplished successful career paths in healthcare, education, and in business proving that in the deaf community you can achieve anything you put your mind too.
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Corey Axelrod and Family
Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Corey Axelrod, Founder of 2axend

Corey Axelrod grew up as a member of a multigenerational …

Shanna Groves, Lip Reading Mom
Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Shanna Groves, Lip Reading Mom Blogger

Shanna Groves, also known as Lipreading Mom online, has progressive …

Aimee Dhillon, Deaf Dental Hygienist
Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Aimee Dillon, Deaf Dental Hygienist

Diagnosed with hearing loss at the age of two, Aimee …

Judy Mounty
Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Judy Mounty, Deaf Social Worker

Dr. Judy Mounty identifies with the “Deaf World” and is …

Dr. Joe Samona
Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Dr. Joe Samona, Deaf Dentist

Joe Samona was born with bilateral sensorineural profound hearing loss.  …

Amy Savage
Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Amy Savage, Deaf Phlebotomist

Amy Savage is a deaf phlebotomist working in Texas. She …

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