Facing Treatment of Kidney Disease with Hearing Disabilities

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Facing Treatment of Kidney Disease with Hearing Disabilities

Co-Authored by Sophia Puckett, Lynne Reindstadtler, and Anne McIntosh

Around 37 million people in the United States and around 700 million people worldwide have chronic kidney disease which require patients to utilize dialysis centers. These dialysis clinics provide lifesaving treatments to the patients that need them.

While having any medical procedure performed, communication between the healthcare provider and the patient is vital to comprehensive care. This is true in all healthcare settings including kidney dialysis centers.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals and patients in kidney dialysis centers were required to wear masks for the safety and wellbeing of everyone. Communication is vital during these procedures and communication needs to be accessible to all. A traditional mask will block important nonverbal cues and other communication pathways.  The Communicator™ mask allows patients and healthcare professionals to efficiently communicate verbally or nonverbally before, during, and after procedures.

Many patients call dialysis centers their home away from home which can leave the patients feeling lonely. When a healthcare professional is wearing the Communicator™ mask, a patient is able to see the healthcare professional’s smile and the nerves and stress of the patient may go down just because the patient saw friendly smile. On the other hand, when the patient is wearing the Communicator™ mask, the healthcare professional will be able to see any discomfort the patient might be experiencing.

The Communicator™ mask will provide accessible communication for everyone without giving up protection. The Communicator™ mask also ensures dialysis clinics are ADA compliant for all patients and healthcare professionals regardless of communication needs.

If you, or someone you know, is suffering with kidney failure and struggles with a hearing disability, make sure they know to tell their dialysis center about The Communicator™ surgical grade clear mask before they go in for treatment.