Customer Spotlight: Dr. Stacey Carroll

Safe'N'Clear Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Dr. Stacey Carroll

Dr. Stacey CarrollDr. Stacey Carroll earned her PhD in nursing at Boston College and is currently a Professor in nursing at Rush University. Carroll is one of many medical professionals with hearing loss who support wearing the Communicator™ mask. 

Carroll loves being able to communicate effectively with others especially since she relies on lipreading. Both Carroll and her husband get lots of attention from wearing the Communicator™ mask and enjoy when other people are able to see their facial expressions.

Carroll appreciates when her healthcare providers and family wear the Communicator™ mask because she is able to communicate fully compared to a traditional mask. Doctor appointments where the healthcare providers are wearing the Communicator™ mask make Carroll’s life much easier.

“The Communicator mask feels like a regular mask but allows for communicative access as well as the ability to see expressions,” said Carroll.

Since the majority of people in public are not wearing some type of clear mask, there becomes a problem with communication, especially for those who rely on lipreading. Carroll and others find it difficult to communicate effectively and as seamlessly as possible without the use of a clear mask.

Carroll wished clear masks were the norm, especially during the pandemic which was a big struggle and isolating for those who rely on lipreading. Facial cues and other nonverbal communication were taken away by people wearing a traditional mask.

Carroll’s favorite part about the Communicator™ mask is it’s very comfortable and lightweight and a big bonus is the Communicator™ mask does not fog up.

Even though Carroll wears the Communicator™ mask for others to be able to see facial cues, others should wear the Communicator™ mask so people like Carroll can communicate fully.

Everyone is able to wear the Communicator™ mask and make communication more accessible to everyone while being safe.