Protect Yourself Against Counterfeit Masks: Choose The Communicator™

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Protect Yourself Against Counterfeit Masks: Choose The Communicator™

Masks and protective face coverings are everywhere in all colors and patterns.  Reusable, cloth masks are not designed to provide medical-grade protection. At Safe’N’Clear, the use of medical surgical-grade masks is advocated. Masks provide protection from transmissible bacterial and viral pathogens and particulates, such as cold, flu, coronavirus.  Masks enable consumers to interact with others within close proximity to reduce risks. The CDC has updated their website to say masking continues to be a critical tool in combatting the spread of COVID-19 (CDC, 2022).  

When COVID-19 emerged, the world of medicine was without a healthy inventory of quality, FDA approved surgical masks. Public Service Announcements (PSA) were broadcast asking non-healthcare segments to set aside N95 or surgical masks so that emergency medical and hospital personnel would have priority for the limited masks available. Only five percent of the world’s supply of medical masks are manufactured in the USA (NPR, 2020).   

COVID-19 was the domino that started a terrible chain reaction.  Suddenly the international community found themselves with mask shortages. Whenever demand outpaces supply, get-rich-quick schemes pop up to fill that void quickly taking advantage of others. After determining there was a pandemic in the making back in 2020, when Wuhan shut down, 93 percent of the world’s mask supply shut down immediately (Bowen, 2019). Yet, Wuhan did not shut down fast enough as virus had enough spreaders who would take COVID-19 around the world in a matter of months. 

In the last few years, Safe’N’Clear has witnessed an increase in counterfeit masks. The internet has exposed fraudulent duplicates of Safe’N’Clear’s product’s images with the purpose to deceive potential customers. are not made in the USA and most likely, do not provide the level of protection advertised. For instance, if a mask is too comfortable and you can breathe easily wearing the mask, chances are, that mask is not providing the protection you need. Counterfeiters have gotten better and more sophisticated. Zeff Tan is a Penang Pharmacist and he created How Do You Spot A Fake Face Mask? video that discussed two ways in which consumers can test their masks to see if they have genuine masks that provide protection.  Dr. Aygun Sahin also explains How to know if a Surgical Mask is REAL or FAKE – 7 STEPS to find out! video to educate consumers on how to detect counterfeit masks Additionally, the FDA has updated their website to include information on how to tell if masks are counterfeit or fraudulent.  

When searching for The Communicator masks, if the price is almost too good to be true, then that may be indicative of counterfeit masks! While mask mandates continue to fluctuate, consumers should realize that supply and demand continue to impact pricing and availability of quality medical masks. To ensure you are getting genuine Made in USA The Communicator masks, that meets FDA, Health Canada, and Europe’s CE Mark standards, customers will want to purchase directly from Safe’N’Clear or one of Safe’N’Clear’s approved distributors.  

When you purchase Level 1 or Level 3 The Communicator masks directly from Safe’N’Clear’s website, consumers can be assured that all the materials are sourced and made in the USA in an FDA approved facility. Consumers must remain vigilant in protecting themselves and others from counterfeit masks.   

Do not fall prey to imposters selling fake masks. Say NO to counterfeit masks. Choose The Communicator masks.