Meet Michelle Hu, Deaf Audiologist

Dr. Michelle Hu

Meet Michelle Hu, Deaf Audiologist

Michelle Hu is a deaf pediatric audiologist. She found out she was deaf around three to four years of age. Her preschool teacher informed Hu’s mother that Hu would go off on her own during story time. This prompted Hu’s mother to get a hearing evaluation for Michelle. Hu struggled to hear in group conversations, during lunchtime, birthday parties, and especially playing the telephone game.

“I think being in a stable environment, same school, growing up with the same friends/classmates mixed with my positive attitude and confidence provided a stable foundation. Most of the kids knew that I had difficulty, they knew I had hearing aids to help me hear,” said Hu. 

Fortunately, Hu has not experienced much negative feedback. She said she is blessed to be in a unique situation. Hu explains “parents can meet me or hear about me and often breathe a sigh of relief because they can ask me questions, see what I’ve accomplished and see the possibilities for the children that they might not have been able to.”

Hu believes without a doubt that her career is helping the lives of so many, especially children’s lives. Hu has used her challenges and struggles to motivate and shape her to be the person, mother, and leader that she is today. Hu has known some of her patients for over twelve years now and her patients are growing up and having kids of their own. Her patients now ask Hu for advice on how to navigate life and parenthood as a deaf or hard-of-hearing adult.
“I’m a role model as well as a safe space for them to go to express their concerns or worries,” said Hu. 

Hu offers advice for anyone wanting to go into the audiology field, “there is always something to learn, take advantage of observing others – see what works for them and what might work for you. It’s not just about doing and being able – it’s about opening your eyes to see the possibilities and think outside of the box!” Hu also explains that there are zero limits!

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