Meet Judy Mounty, Deaf Social Worker

Judy Mounty

Meet Judy Mounty, Deaf Social Worker

Dr. Judy Mounty identifies with the “Deaf World” and is a Clinical Licensed Social Worker within the Maryland community. Her experiences as a Deaf Jewish woman are a distinct advantage in her therapy. Mounty began learning American Sign Language and meeting other deaf people in her twenties. Mounty’s experiences and ASL-English bilingual skills enable her connect with and guide her clients.

Mounty has a multidisciplinary professional journey that has included teaching pre-college through graduate school, educational administration, research, and diversity, equity, and inclusion work. Mounty strives to educate hearing people about the communication needs individual deaf and hard of hearing people have as there is no “one size fits all” regarding communication needs. Mounty works on the needs and preferences her clients may have in different situations.

Mounty makes a key note about those who are deaf or hard of hearing within the Social Work profession, “Deaf people with social work degrees are everywhere! While obtaining and maintaining reasonable accommodations to access employment in “hearing” settings are difficult, many are making important contributions in social service agencies, schools, in human resource positions, government agencies, and even political appointments.”

Previous Social Work colleagues whom Mounty knew as students or earlier in their careers, now lead diversity and inclusion efforts, while others are working with/in the deaf and hard of hearing LGBTQI community, and with deaf-blind and deaf-disabled populations. Social workers need to better represent the diversity of their clientele.

Deaf Social Workers are specializing in areas such as addictions treatment, approaches to treating trauma, including, EMDR and Somatic Experiencing. “It is exciting to make referrals to these colleagues and to consider advancing my own professional knowledge by taking workshops that they lead,” exclaimed Mounty.

Mounty is incredibly proud to be a Social Worker and sees Social Work as a field with rich opportunities for personal and professional growth. Mounty encourages people to consider obtaining a social work degree. Her passion for deaf and hard of hearing is not lost on us at Safe’N’Clear.

“I have worked with people with complex, multilayered identities and lived experiences related not only to being deaf or hard of hearing, but also and importantly with respect to race, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, family and education, and other factors; most of our journeys have included both joy and pain. Each person is unique. Each person’s story is worth telling. There is no one way to be deaf and there is no one way to be human. Everyone deserves to be “seen,” and to have a place at the table,” said Mounty.

We are pleased to highlight Dr. Judy Mounty this month as we recognize social workers. Mounty has her Bachelor of Science in Elementary and Special Education from Boston University, a Master of Education from Temple University, and Master of Social Work from Gallaudet University, and a Doctor of Education from Boston University.