Deaf Leaders Series

Meet Our Everyday Heroes

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there’s an estimated 466 million people worldwide with hearing loss. So, it should not come as a surprise that some of our most talented historical figures, celebrities, and social influencers are deaf or hard of hearing. Safe’N’Clear recognizes deaf leaders in the deaf and hard of hearing community who have various perspectives on deafness and are in different places with their journey, and working to break stigmas enabling others to live a meaningful life.   

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Renee Polanco Lucero
Featured Deaf Leader

Dr. Renee Polanco Lucero, Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Renee Polanco Lucero says that her mother had one …

Andrew Donald Deaf Dentist
Featured Deaf Leader

Dr. Andrew Donald, Deaf Dentist

Dr. Andrew Donald loved math, science, and basic anatomy in …

Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Shari Eberts, Author and Speaker

Shari Eberts was in her mid-20s when she began noticing …

Ibrahim Dabo
Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Ibrahim Dabo, Motivational Speaker

We are excited to introduce Ibrahim Dabo who is a …

Amanda Zubricki
Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Amanda Zubricki, Deaf Dental Hygienist

Amanda Zubricki is a deaf dental hygienist in the Raleigh, …

SigridVintonCerf hirez-res
Featured Deaf Leader

Meet Dr. Vinton Cerf, Co-Inventor of the Internet, and his wife Sigrid

Dr. Vint Cerf was born premature by 6 weeks. He …

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