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Ordering Information

How do I order?
  • When in stock, customers can click on the BUY NOW button.
  • When out of stock, customers can click on the BACK ORDER button to get in the queue for ordering when we get new shipments.
  • If you see an OUT OF STOCK due to pandemic, that means we are currently unable to take any orders.
How do I set up an account for direct ordering?
  • If you are hospital or medical provider, click on the HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS REQUEST FORM [ADD LINK] and you will see an automated form that will begin to get you set up for direct ordering.
  • If you are a k12 school, college, or university, click on the EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS REQUEST FORM [ADD LINK] and you will see an automated form that will start process of setting up for direct ordering.
  • If you are a military hospital or VA Center, click on MILITARY/VA Centers [ADD LINK] and you will be directed to our approved distributor.
  • If you are an international customer (outside of the USA), click on INTERNATIONAL ORDER REQUEST FORM [ADD LINK] to locate the automated form to get you set up for direct ordering.
How many masks are in a box? Cost?

There are 40 masks in a box. Costs $60 US dollars per box + $5.99 for shipping/handling.

How many masks are in a case? Cost?

There are 400 masks in a case. Costs $540 US dollars per case + $19.99 for shipping/handling.

What payment methods do we accept?

We accept credit cards and PayPal.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept PO’s if you have an account set up with us. [ADD LINK] 

Cleaning and Re-Use

Can you clean/sanitize the clear plastic so that you can wear longer?

The Communicator™ was designed to be a single-use, disposable surgical face mask. We can only recommend that it be used as a single-use, disposable mask. ANY cleaning or sanitizing done on the part of others is done so at your own risk and you take full responsibility.

What do you recommend to how long you can wear a disposable mask?

The Communicator™ was designed to be a single-use disposable surgical face mask; to use the mask in any other way than intended use is not recommended and users do so at their own risk.


Does The Communicator mask fog?

No, the mask does not fog. There is a special anti-fogging agent applied during manufacturing process.

Is The Communicator™ mask FDA approved?

Yes, The Communicator is an FDA approved Surgical Facemask with Clear Window. 

Regulation: 21  CFR  878.4040

What surgical level is The Communicator?

 The Communicator is a Class II, Code FXX Medical Device as FM86000 ASTM Level 1 Surgical Mask.

Is The Communicator mask ADA-compliant?

Yes, The Communicator™ helps meet the “Effective Communication” clause of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.  The Communicator mask has a clear window around the mouth and nose area which allows for lipreading and face reading; this clear window assists those people who are visual communicators.

What is the size of the window?

Approximately 4.75 inches long and 1.35 inches in the middle and tapers to .5 inch at the end. The size of the window is large enough to see all of the mouth area when the mask is worn properly.


Does The Communicator™ have Health Canada approval?

No, The Communicator™ mask does not have Health Canada approval. Canadian Hospitals can utilize the Waiver.

Does The Communicator™ mask have CE Mark?

No, The Communicator™ mask does not have CE Mark. European Hospitals can utilize the Waiver process of their institution if they wish to use The Communicator™ masks.


Does Safe’N’Clear have distributors?

Yes, we currently have several distributors. [NOTE; WOULD BE HELPFUL TO CLARIFY THIS ANSWER]

Can I sign up to be a distributor?

During COVID-19 pandemic, we are not adding new distributors. If you remain interested in being a distributor after the current health crisis, fill out the Distributor form located [on the homepage] of OUR website. NOTE: This form will not be available during COVID-19 pandemic.

Pre-sell Questions

Can I get samples?

We are not removing masks from shipments to use for samples as we are shipping every available mask to people who need them.

What is your return policy?

Unopened boxes and cases can be returned for a refund minus restocking fee of $10 per box or $80 for cases.

Please do not order masks unless you know you need them as we have many customers on the wait list to receive masks. Opened boxes cannot be returned.

Do the masks come in tie-back options?

No, The Communicator™ mask is available only with ear-loop.

Do you have child sizes?

No, The Communicator™ mask is not available in child size.

Is this an N-95 mask?

The Communicator™ mask is not an N-95 mask. 

Is this a COVID-19 mask?

The Communicator™ mask is a surgical mask and can be used as a Level 1 mask to provide protection.

Can I get this mask in a custom print?

No, custom prints are not available. 

Can I reuse The Communicator Mask? How do I clean the mask?

The Communicator™ mask is FDA approved as a one-time use disposable surgical face mask. Any cleaning or sanitizing of disposable PPE needs to be cleared by your healthcare facility infectious disease and prevention unit and users assume full responsibility and any risks/liability. Again, this mask is designed to be a one-time use and then dispose of properly.

Is there an expiration date on Communicator masks?

No, there are no expiration dates on The Communicator™ masks. Customers are encouraged to keep masks in climate-controlled environments.

I have allergies/auto-immune issues; is the clear window safe for me?

The Communicator™ surgical face mask is FDA approved to be safe to use, according to directions. There is nothing sprayed on the mask. The Anti-Fog claim is the film, not the mask. There are no chemicals used in the production of the masks.

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