Tripledemic Concerns – How Can You Avoid RSV, Influenza and COVID-19 This Winter?

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Tripledemic Concerns – How Can You Avoid RSV, Influenza and COVID-19 This Winter?

Just when we thought the worst of the COVID pandemic was over, experts are warning that a Tripledemic, a trio of viral threats involving respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), influenza (flu) and COVID, is heading our way this winter.  “Masks protect against all of these respiratory infections,” explains Dr. Dean Blumberg, chief of pediatric infectious diseases at UC Davis Children’s Hospital.

“Masks protect against all of these respiratory infections,” explains Dr. Dean Blumberg

According to Brian Garibaldi, director of the Johns Hopkins Hospital Biocontainment Unit and an associate professor of medicine and physiology in the division of pulmonary and critical care, where he attends in the medical intensive care unit, early data suggests that the U.S. is in for a worse than average flu season, and high levels of RSV in children are already straining pediatric hospitals across the country. These factors, compounded by COVID and the ever-possible chance of a new variant, are sounding alarm bells throughout our health care systems.

Hospital capacity, shortages of antibiotics, including amoxicillin, and other supply chain issues are currently major concerns within the healthcare industry. If there are three infectious diseases together, the risk of overwhelming our healthcare system is inevitable. Having an ample supply of ADA effective medical masks, like The Communicator™ on hand will help healthcare provide the best care for young children who may be afraid of masks, patients and staff who are deaf, hard of hearing, and other visual communicators who need to see facial expressions.

Will supply chain issues improve in 2023?

The short answer is no. However, Safe’N’Clear wants to recognize our healthcare customers and our commitment to protecting the loyalty of our customers to our line of products. Since the pandemic, we have found that many healthcare facilities are analyzing and completely redesigning their supply chain systems as lead times have been significantly increasing, and organizations have found themselves unable to receive their necessary products in a timely manner. With that redesign, many supply chain systems have been leaving behind just-in-time inventory methods and instead adopting periodic automatic replacement methods to ensure that their inventory is consistently stocked, and companies are not facing product shortages again. We recognize this focus on the redesign of in-house supply chain management, and we seek to meet your reorder quantities per your periodic automatic replacement models.

Masks Made In The USA

Since we know that supply chain issues are so prevalent in our daily lives now, we also want to highlight that The Communicator™ is sourced and made in the USA, which helps with the timeliness of delivering our products. We do not face the same supply chain issues as other clear mask manufacturers do as they have to rely on overseas sources for the necessary products to complete their masks. Additionally, with transportation logistics also creating a major impact on the lead times of products, we do not have to worry about the usual delays that occur with overseas transportation of products to meet our customers’ demands for their clear masks.

As a Certified Disability Owned Business (DOBE), Safe’N’Clear wants to provide you with the best product and service possible, by keeping our customers’ demands at the heart of our operations. We focus on delivering quality products at your doorsteps and meeting the necessary delivery dates so that you can have the products that you need to keep your inventory well stocked. We are committed to removing the stress of maintaining your inventory levels by ensuring that you can rely on us to utilize consistent periodic check-ins to meet your reorder systems.

We call on healthcare companies like you to rely on us to fulfill your clear masks demands to match your periodic automatic replacement so you do not have to worry about any more low inventory levels. We are dedicated to serving our customers and satisfying your needs.