Staying Safe with Exceptional Nurses!

Nurse collage coloring book cover

Staying Safe with Exceptional Nurses!

This month, we are focusing on national safety and we introduceDr. Donna Maheady, founder of, a nonprofit organization for nurses and nursing students with disabilities.

Dr. Donna Maheady

Safety in the workplace is important for workers and patients alike. The organization provides links to resources, support groups, research, continuing education, mentors, and scholarships.   

Check out Dr. Maheady’s coloring book for childrenand adults highlighting nurses with different disabilities (e.g. hearing loss, autism, epilepsy, spina bifida, limb loss, and chronic illnesses). The nursesdemonstratethe “abilities” of real-life nurses following cutting-edge safety protocols in medical settings.  I am a nurse: Color me Exceptional!  

Exceptional Nurse offers a 1.0 CEU online course that focuses ontheCommunicator mask! Safety in the workplace is paramount and begins with clear communication. The course also covers the importance of facial expressions for visual communication and the needs of patients with hearing loss. Cost of the course is $10.00 with proceeds used to support scholarships for nursesand nursing students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Visit for more information and details. Nurse collage coloring book cover