Richard Neal

Richard Neal

Richard Neal

Government Relations

Richard Neal offers decades of experience working with Healthcare systems and Government entities. His diverse background includes working in a sterile environment of the surgery theater, as a chemist helping to create clean environments, and an extensive career in government sales to agencies at the state and federal levels.

With decades of working with public, private, state, and federal agencies, Richard has experience in many areas.

  • Interacting from first contact to a signed contract with state and federal agencies
  • Coordinating and relationships to bring companies products to government awareness
  • Evaluations of partnerships between public companies and government agencies
  • Negotiations to create contracts that benefit both parties long term
  • Email, text, and social campaigns to bring awareness and build business-to-business and business-to-customer relationships

With educational studies from several institutions of higher learning and through the school of hard knocks, Richard has developed the ability to reach a wide range of audiences. His passion for his projects has resulted in several live news appearances, articles in magazines, and publications.

Richard understands what it takes to meet an organization’s needs. He has a unique viewpoint of understanding the complexities of governmental sales and the urgency to provide the right product to meet the customers’ needs at the best price.

For Government Purchasing, Contact:

Richard Neal, Government Relations
Phone: (704) 237-0399