Not All Masks Are Created Equal

Not All Masks Are Created Equal

Not All Masks Are Created Equal

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) plays a critical role in protecting the United States from threats such as emerging infectious diseases like the most recent outbreak of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). The FDA holds the highest standards for products on behalf of consumer safety.

The Communicator™ surgical mask with clear window is the first FDA approved ADA effective mask on the market and has paved the way for similar types of masks to receive clearance by the FDA.

A large percentage of masks are made overseas, 93 percent to be exact. Unfortunately, masks from overseas are not always regulated to meet health and safety standards. Therefore the level of safety, sanitation, and hygiene may not be maintained, especially among counterfeit mask products.

The Communicator™ surgical facemask with clear window is produced by the United States’ largest domestic surgical mask manufacturer in an FDA approved facility. They implement a high safety protocol for mask production to ensure the health and safety of mask wearers: 

  1. Hand sanitizing stations set up at entry and exit points of the building.
  2. Antimicrobial soap is used in bathroom facilities.
  3. Wearing of hair nets, masks, and gloves in production areas.
  4. Beard nets worn by employees with facial hair.
  5. Since the onset of COVID-19, temperature checks for  workers to enter the building.

Inspired by the real life experience of Dr. Anne McIntosh, President & CEO of Safe’N’Clear, Inc. The Communicator™ patented ADA device was designed to help organizations comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 in situations where masks are required. 

As mask mandates remain in effect throughout various geographic areas and by organizations across the country due to COVID-19 and other potential viral threats, no population has been discriminated against more than visual communicators like the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and autistic to name a few. 

The size of The Communicator™ clear window plays an important role in its popularity with the ADA community. The clear opening offers the perfect balance of visibility for lip reading, protection and comfort for the mask wearer, and does not distort sound of speech like larger clear plastic masks have been shown to do. 

Remember, not all masks are created equal. Consider these factors when searching for an effective ADA compliant mask:

  1. Research the country of origin in manufacturing.
  2. Verify the level of protection needed from viral pathogens. 
  3. Confirm the clear plastic is fog resistant.
  4. WARNING: The larger the plastic covering, the more distorted the sound of speech.
  5. Check quality of raw material that is covering your mouth and face.
  6. Determine comfort level for prolonged use.