Meet Dr. Danielle Rose, Pediatrician

Dr. Danielle Rose and service dog

Meet Dr. Danielle Rose, Pediatrician

Dr. Danielle Rose is a pediatrician in Salisbury, North Carolina. Behind her warm smile and compassionate demeanor is a personal journey shaped by deafness and hearing loss, both of which challenged and inspired her in countless ways. Driven to overcome communication barriers and make a difference in the lives of others facing similar challenges, she became a passionate advocate for hearing health.

Deafness and hearing loss have significantly impacted Dr. Rose’s life, presenting both positive and negative aspects. The constant challenge of accurately understanding sounds led to moments of stress. In many cases, Rose spent countless amounts of energy fixing her mistakes. To lessen these challenges, Dr. Rose gives every listening moment her full attention. She says focusing on one sound at a time is an incredibly important task to ensure clear communication. While deafness has caused occasional pain, loneliness, and depression, her deafness has also opened doors to tremendous joy and unexpected opportunities.

Among the most positive experiences because of Dr. Rose’s journey with deafness is her involvement in the NASA-sponsored Space Life Sciences Training Program (SLSTP). The program serves as a gateway for individuals passionate about space exploration and its impact on human health. SLSTP offers a platform for learning, collaboration, and inspiration.

One of the unique aspects of SLSTP is its inclusivity, embracing individuals with diverse abilities and backgrounds. The program demonstrated this inclusivity when Rose, a hard-of-hearing individual, participated. Rose discovered life-changing inspiration by meeting hard-of-hearing engineers. Witnessing their achievements instilled in Rose a strong belief in her own potential and the realization that she, too, could pursue her career choice despite her hearing loss.

Overcoming communication barriers has been an ongoing endeavor for Dr. Rose. Exhausting the advancements in hearing aids and amplification technologies, she underwent a transformative cochlear implant surgery. This groundbreaking procedure, along with her proficiency in lip reading and sign language, enabled her to continue practicing as a pediatrician during her residency. Furthermore, her association with Dogs for Better Lives introduced her to the profound impact of hearing dogs. These remarkable animals are trained to not only alert her to essential sounds but also provide unwavering support, bridging communication gaps and fostering connections within her community.


Dogs for Better Lives

Dr. Rose began working with Dogs for Better Lives after a traumatic apartment fire during her residency. Flames sparked while she was asleep, and Rose was the last person to exit the burning building. This experience left her unable to sleep soundly and on the search for a solution. She found Dogs for Better Lives, adopting her first hearing dog, Chuckie. 

Chuckie not only alerted her to essential sounds like fire alarms and doorbells but as a service dog, he became an invaluable advocate for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Together, they embarked on a journey of raising awareness for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. The strong influence of hearing dogs continued to shape Dr. Rose’s life and work. From Chuckie to Ginger and her current companion, Delight, these incredible animals have enriched her existence beyond measure. Their unwavering support has not only provided her with confidence and security but has also bridged communication gaps with the community, fostering connections and understanding.


Becoming a hearing loss advocate

Driven by her personal experiences and a deep desire to make a difference, Dr. Rose became a tireless advocate for hearing loss. As a pediatrician, NC Beginnings Board Member, and the Chairman of Dogs for Better Lives, Rose plays a pivotal role in raising awareness and supporting the deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Her writing contributions to shed light on the invaluable role hearing dogs play in people’s lives. 

Dr. Rose seamlessly aligns her work as a hearing health advocate with her personal goals and ambitions. Complementing her career as a pediatrician, her advocacy efforts allow her to make a far-reaching influence on the lives of children and families in need of support and guidance, especially those considering cochlear implants. 

Approaching each day with resilience and a focus on the positive, Dr. Rose inspires others facing similar circumstances to keep going. Through transforming her children’s middle-grade novel into a blended memoir, she aspires to reach an even wider audience, further educate, and inspire individuals facing hearing-related challenges. Dr. Rose’s commitment is a testament to the power of embracing one’s challenges, advocating for change, and finding strength in unexpected places.

Dr. Danielle Rose’s personal journey, intertwined with her professional achievements and advocacy efforts, illuminates a path toward a more inclusive and empathetic world. Her story serves as a reminder that with determination, compassion, and a belief in one’s own potential, life’s greatest obstacles can be overcome. Dr. Rose strives to ensure that the sounds of life are cherished and embraced by all, fostering a world where no one’s voice goes unheard.

And so, in the month of May, we are honored to recognize Dr. Danielle Rose.