COVID-19 Supply Chain Update from Dr. Anne McIntosh

Dr. Anne McIntosh, President

COVID-19 Supply Chain Update from Dr. Anne McIntosh

Thank you for your interest in our masks. We are continuously monitoring (as we know you are) the latest news and guidelines from the CDC as well as local, state and federal officials. As the 50 individual states begin to ease restrictions, and we all prepare for the safe return to work, Safe’N’Clear, Inc. wants to provide an update on the measures Safe’N’Clear, Inc. is taking to support you.

Product availability during all-time high demand

EACH customer is important to us. We are working with our manufacturing partner to replenish mask inventories and to work with new customers who now find themselves needing mask protection.

Even with our increased production, we are not able to meet every order immediately. To help with this situation, we are:

  • Working closely with our manufacturing partners to secure additional production
  • Limiting the order quantity of masks so we can fulfill more customer orders and work to match supply and demand, one step at a time

Our teams are working around the clock to closely monitoring the wait list, back orders, and working to add new customer account information. Since COVID-19 pandemic our customers will note quantity limits or backorder status. Our team is aware of the dire situation and the skyrocketing increased in demand use and limited production facilities in USA is making the global mask supply/demand dynamic very challenging.

Delivery Order Safety

Our team is taking precautionary measures at all points in the delivery process to ensure you get your correct mask order; we are striving to meet deadlines of when you need them by as best as we can.  We cannot meet all customers’ deadlines; no one in the mask industry is, unfortunately. More than 90% of masks were made overseas before COVID-19; more hospitals are now requesting US made products which takes time to shift mass production. The US Government has priority over private companies like Safe’N’Clear to get masks produced.

  • Please pay careful attention to the mailing/shipping address you enter on the order to ensure there are no errors that could delay or cause your order not to ship.
  • Once your order has shipped, you will receive email notification with tracking information. 

No Refunds

Our team members are working tirelessly; please make sure you do not order masks, if you do not intend to take delivery. Due to the increased duties of managing wait lists, adding new customers, and managing current order/shipping, we cannot process refunds at this time. All sales, during pandemic crisis are final. We are prioritizing hospitals, children’s hospitals, and front line medical workers to make sure they have the proper PPE.

Pricing update

Safe’N’Clear hates to raise prices.  We assure you that our policy not to raise prices on during health crises. We have removed all sales and discounts at this time; but, we have not raised our prices.  If our costs increase, we will have to raise our prices but right now, we are committed to the current pricing.  We will work hard to keep our prices stabilized. Communicator surgical face masks with clear windows are not cheap to produce; the clear window is a feature that incurs costs that conventional masks do not incur (clear window film, anti-fogging agent, welding process, etc).

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has been difficult for individuals, families, companies, hospitals, and our entire society in many ways.  As we go forward, know that we will continue to update our customers as the changing situation requires to keep you well informed. We encourage you to connect with our social media to get the latest information.

Letters of Commitment

 If you are hospitals and medical facilities, long-term care facilities, educational institutes, those working with the deaf/hard-of-hearing, or another entity and you believe you will be needing to use masks for the next five or so years, please consider writing a letter of commitment and sending to me detailing how the Communicator masks is a better alternative for your customers/clients/patients than conventional masks. You can send these letters on your organization’s letterhead to [email protected];  if we are able to show that we have an increased need for Communicator masks that extends beyond the coronavirus pandemic, we can position Safe’N’Clear to get additional production equipment that makes Communicator masks. We are the world’s first FDA approved Surgical facemask with clear window and currently, we are the only FDA approved transparent facemask on the market. We know you are depending on us; and, we need to depend on you.

Staying Connected for Latest News Development

We invite all customers to connect with us on social media to stay current with the latest news developments. If you have a picture where we can see your smile and you are hard at work, please post your photos on Instagram and tag us at @safenclear and use the hashtags #safenclear and #SeeYourSmile.


Dr. Anne McIntosh, President

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