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Dr. Anne McIntosh

Dr. Anne McIntosh

Founder & CEO

My vision is to put a clear mask into the hands of anyone who needs protection, and in the process, to give each clear mask user a chance to communicate in ways that remove barriers to understanding and comprehension.

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Update from Dr. Anne McIntosh

Thank you for your interest in our masks. We are continuously monitoring (as we know you are) the latest news and guidelines from the CDC as well as local, state and federal officials. As the 50 individual states begin to ease restrictions, and we all prepare for the...

The deaf community is facing new barriers as we navigate inaccessible face masks and struggle to follow news broadcasts and teleconferences — but the tools for accessibility are out there

Face masks are a major barrier to reading lips. REUTERS/Amir Cohen/File Photo As originally posted in Business Insider Sarah Katz is a freelance writer who covers the intersection between disability and mental health, relationships, entertainment, and public...
clear mask story

The Story Behind The Communicator Mask

by Dr. Anne McIntosh - Safe'N'Clear, Inc. Founder & CEO. Our family started with the birth of their daughter.  On a Friday evening, my amniotic sac broke; my husband and I checked into a large hospital in Charlotte expecting a normal delivery after a non-eventful...